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AC & Heater Repair

If you live and drive in Michigan, air conditioning (A/C) and heaters are a must when it comes to driving in the various seasons. And if your air conditioner or heater gives you trouble you don’t have to sweat it out or freeze– The Garage is here to help.

Compressors, Cores, Fans, Condensers – we’ve got you.

Is your air conditioner blowing stagnant, warm air at you when you’re trying to cool down? Or is your heat blowing frigid air right into your face when you’re trying to warm up? Well, if either of those are true, The Garage will get it fixed for you.

We service all domestic & import cooling and heating systems

We specialize in A/C and heater repair and maintenance

If your vehicle is blowing air of the wrong temperature, we can help

No matter the make or model, we can help your with your A/C or heat issues

We’ll work to get you in soon, and repair your heat or A/C as quickly as we can

Honesty At Every Step: Inspection, Testing, Estimate

Here at The Garage, we all know how it is to go to a mechanic for the first time, wondering if you can trust them. We give you our word that you can trust us and that we’ll give you a high quality, fully transparent process from inspection, to diagnostic, to quote.

You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your A/C or heat

We promise the best value and guarantee our repairs

We’ll give you a detailed description of what issues we discover

We’re not here to be an unwanted expense– we’re here to help

You can trust us to give you a correct, transparent diagnosis

Frequent Questions About AC & Heater Repair

My heater isn't working- what is the problem?

A:  Michigan has an old saying – “you can roll your windows down, but you can’t start a fire in the center console”. Getting the vehicle nice and toasty involves a lot of parts working together, however. If your heat is blowing cold, we have equipment that can locate the exact issue – no guesswork involved..

My air conditioner is blowing warm air– is it broken?

A: The most common ‘fix’ for warm air blowing from your A/C is recharging the system. However, there are other reasons your A/C might be blowing warm. Instead of playing the guessing game, we have complex, advanced equipment that can help us pinpoint the leak quickly and accurately for you.

My passenger side is cold, but my driver’s side is hot– what’s going on?

A: Many modern vehicles have multiple zones for heating – these zones are created/controlled by electronic ‘flaps’ in the air ducts of the vehicle. If you’re noticing issues with temperature differences within the vehicle, it may be time to give us a call – we can check for any failures within the heating/cooling system.

How We Work: AC & Heater Repair

Contact The Shop

Step one is to fill out a form on our website or give us a call directly and let us know that you’re having some issues with your vehicle.

Book Your Appointment

Once we hear from you we’ll reach out so that we can see what date and time work best for you to bring your vehicle into The Garage.

Inspection & Repair

After we get your vehicle into our shop, our team of experts will do a deep-dive and formally inspect any issues you may be experiencing. With your approval, we’ll execute those repairs.

Pickup & Payment

Once your top-quality repairs are completed, all you need to do is stop by the shop to make payment and drive away in your newly repaired vehicle.

All AC & Heater Repair Services

A/C Diagnosis & Repair

If your air conditioner (A/C) isn’t blowing cold air, or is taking a while to cool down, you don’t have to deal with it– let The Garage get you fixed up.

    Heater Diagnosis & Repair

    If your heater is taking way too long to truly heat up (or if it’s never heating up at all), The Garage can take a look and help you warm up again.

      Coolant Recharge

      In some cases, all your A/C needs is a nice top off of some refrigerant for it to start blowing cool and strong again. If so, The Garage has you covered.

        Compressor Refrigerant

        If your compressor is failing you, it’s not putting your regrigernt under high pressure before being pumped into the condenser– we’ll get it fixed and get your A/C back to peak performance. 

          Condenser Repair & Replacement

          If your condenser is giving you trouble, it means that your gaseous refrigerant isn’t shedding heat, and therefore isn’t returning to a liquid state. If that’s the case, we can get it repaired, no problem.

            Receiver Drier Repair & Replacement

            Since your receiver drier is the component that protects all other parts of your A/C loop, if it has problems, it can put your whole coolant system at risk. Don’t let this happen– give us a call.

              Thermal Expansion Valve Repair & Replacement

              When your thermal expansion valve is having issues, it means that you’re not seeing a reduction in the pressure of you refrigerant fluid upstream of the evaporator. We can get this repaired for you.

                Evaporator Repair & Replacement

                If you’re having problems with your evaporator then it’s probably not properly absorbing heat, or removing humidity (among other things). Let us take a look and get your air blowing cool again.

                  Heater Core Diagnostic & Replacement

                  If your heater core is on the fritz, it means that your vehicle’s cabin isn’t properly using the hot coolant from the engine to keep you warm. Don’t freeze– let us fix it.

                    Water Pump Diagnostic & Repair

                    If your water pump is failing you, it could mean that it’s not properly circulating cool air continually from the radiator to the engine block. Don’t let your car overheat– let The Garage help.

                      Fan Diagnostic & Repair

                      If you’re having issues with your automotive fan or blower motor, it means that the air isn’t properly moving through your vehicle’s HVAC system. If that’s the case, we’ll pinpoint the issue and get it squared away.

                        Fuse Diagnostic & Replacement

                        If a fuse is doing its job, it’s protecting your wiring and electrical equipment within your vehicle. But if you’ve blown a fuse, it can seem like a larger issue. Let us take a look at your fuses and get you squared away.

                          Radiator Diagnostic & Repair

                          Even if you’re not having issues with your car overheating or running hot, radiator issues could very well be affecting your heater’s performance. If that’s the case, we’ll figure it out, and get it fixed for you. 

                            Vent Diagnostic & Repair

                            Your ventilation system should be providing a steady flow of fresh air– heated or cooled. If it isn’t we can take a look and see what the issue is.