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Batteries & Electrical Repairs

Your battery is the spark that brings your vehicle to life each time you start it, and the electrical system is the system that keeps your batter from dying. So whether you’re having an issue getting your car started, or keeping it healthy and charged– The Garage can help.

From Batteries & Fuses to Alternator & Drive Belts

Is your car slow to start? Or maybe you’re needing friends, family, and co-workers to give you a jump more and more frequently? Or perhaps you’re having issues with your power steering or A/C, and don’t realize that it’s actually your drive belt causing the issue? If any of this sounds familiar, we can help. 

We are experts in electrical repair issues

Just need a battery? Great. We’ve got you covered
We service all domestic & import vehicles
If you’re experiencing frequent dead batteries, don’t hesitate
When was the last time you had your drive belt looked at?

Honest Inspections, Testing & Estimates

Our team of hand-picked automotive technicians all have one thing in common (besides being the best in the Muskegon area): they put integrity and high quality first when it comes to inspecting, quoting, and diagnosing your vehicle.
We’ll give you a detailed description of what we find
You’ll know exactly what the issue is with your electrical system or battery
If it’s the battery, we can get it replaced quickly and easily
We always take the most cost-effective route to any repair
We guarantee our repairs and parts

Frequent Questions About Batteries & Electrical Repair

My vehicle won’t start. Why is that happening, and what do I do?

A: Some of the most common no-start issues are due to a faulty battery or starter. First, let’s rule out the battery– if you can get your vehicle jumpstarted, you can bring it down to us and we can run a battery/electrical test for no charge. If the battery needs to be replaced, we’ve got you covered – we carry the industry’s best batteries – Interstate® – right in our shop.

I was driving down the road, and all of my dash lights came on at once– then my car stalled out. What happened?

A: This issue can be commonly caused by a failed alternator – if you’re able to get your vehicle started again, we provide electrical system checks free of charge. If the vehicle won’t turn back on or stay running, give us a call and schedule some time for our technicians to diagnose & repair the issue.

How often should I replace my battery?

A: Most batteries should last 5-8 years, but we recommend testing your battery annually – something you can do with us at no charge. Another good place to check when it’s time to replace your battery is the label on the battery itself – most battery labels will contain a stamp/graphic with the manufacturer’s guaranteed service life expectancy.

How do I know if one of my electrical fuses has gone bad?

A: You can check a fuse yourself by locating the fuse box and finding a diagram in your owner’s manual, or online. From there, you can visually inspect a fuse by removing it. But be warned, the truth is that a blown fuse is most commonly a symptom of a deeper problem – not a diagnosis. Let us take a deeper dive, with our advanced electrical testing equipment, and figure out exactly why your fuse blew, and help you identify the underlying cause.

How We Work: Batteries & Electrical Repair

Contact The Shop

Just give us a call during our hours of operation or shoot us a message right here on our website. We’ll take a look and get back to you shortly.

Book Your Appointment

Next, we’ll reach out and nail down a time that works best for you to get the vehicle here to The Garage and reserve that time just for you.

Inspection & Repair

Once we have your vehicle on hand, we’ll take an in-depth look at the issues you’re experiencing and find out precisely what the issue is. From there– with your permission– we’ll repair it.

Pickup & Payment

Once your vehicle is repaired fully, you can come in and take care of the fees at your leisure. Then you can drive your vehicle away knowing that it’s fully repaired, in and great shape.

All Batteries & Electrical Repair Services

Battery Testing & Charging

If something has caused your battery to die but there’s still life in it, we can help by testing and charging it for you.

Battery Diagnosis & Replacement

If your battery is dead or passed its expiration date, we can seamlessly get you a new battery installed, no problem.

Electrical Systems Diagnostics & Repair

Your electrical system is a complex and nuanced part of your vehicle. We’ll use our specialized tools and expertise to pinpoint the issue with your electrical system, no matter what it is. 

Alternator Diagnosis & Replacement

If your alternator is failing to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy properly your battery is probably dying way too often– but we can help. 

Starter Diagnosis & Replacement

If your starter is having issues, it can be the weak link in your vehicle’s electrical system– that little motor powered by the battery is the key to getting your car running. If yours is faulty, we can fix it.

Ignition Switch Diagnosis & Replacement

If your ignition switch is having trouble, your main electrical systems will never even activate– let alone function properly. We can help you get your car started up again.

Neutral Safety Switch Diagnosis & Replacement

If your neutral safety switch is having issues, your car may not start for the safety of others because it thinks its in gear. If so, we can fix it for you, no problem.

Drive Belt Diagnosis & Replacement

Sometimes when a vehicle isn’t running well, the drive belt is often overlooked as the cause. Let us take a look to get your engine running smoothly again.