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Brake Repair

There’s no safety system more critical than your vehicle’s braking system. Your brakes will inevitably be worn down with basic wear and tear from driving, and need to be maintained and replaced to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly. When the time comes, The Garage has all of your brake needs covered.

From Pads & Rotors, To Calipers & Drums

Are you hearing a screeching or squealing noise when you stop your vehicle? Or can feel a deep grinding when you brake? Perhaps you have a simple indicator light on and need to get your brakes checked? No matter what the issue is, we can definitely help.

We perform high quality brake repairs on all makes and models

Proper brake upkeep keeps you– and others– safe on the road

Are you hearing early warning signs of brake failure? Don’t hesitate

We can handle disc, drum, CBS, and ABS brakes– or anything else

We guarantee all of our parts and labor on your brake repairs

Trustworthy Inspections, Diagnosis & Quotes

Everyone here at The Garage has your best interest– and your wallet– in mind. We guarantee you an honest, transparent inspection, diagnosis, quote, and auto service every time.

You’ll know the exact condition of your brake pads and rotors

We never try to replace anything that doesn’t need it

We offer the best brake repairs at fair prices

We’ll let you know exactly what we find, and what we’re seeing

We’ll let you know if there’s damage beyond consumable parts

Frequent Questions About Brake Repair

Can you just replace my brake pads?

A: We replace pads & rotors at the same time on all vehicles – replacing only the brake pads does not produce the same result, as it doesn’t account for imperfections caused to the brake rotor, which can lead to decreased brake pad life & potential failures. 

Do you machine or ‘fix’ brake rotors?

A: We do not re-machine or fix brake rotors. Re-machining a brake rotor leaves less rigidity and surface area than intended by the manufacturer of the vehicle, and therefore can lead to increased wear & tear on brake parts, and potentially failure. 

Do I need to replace both sides of my brake pads/rotors at the same time?

A: Yes, we absolutely recommend you replace both sides at the same time – having uneven brake pads and rotors on the driver & passenger side, even by a few millimeters difference –  can cause unpredictable effects such as pulling the vehicle to one side while braking, brake pulse, vibration, and other issues that could put you and others in danger.

When I brake my steering wheel shakes. What is that, and do I need new brakes?

A: It’s very likely faulty or warped brake rotors that are causing the vibration. However, there are other issues that could cause steering wheel vibrations/shakes –  we would recommend that you bring it in for an inspection before committing to any work.

How We Work: Brake Repair

Contact The Shop

The first thing you’ll do is contact us on our webpage or give us a ring and let us know that you need help with your vehicle.

Book Your Appointment

The next step is for us to connect with you and work together on setting an appointment to bring your vehicle into The Garage here in the Muskegon area.

Inspection & Repair

Once we have your vehicle in The Garage, we’ll perform an in-depth inspection and see exactly what work needs to be done– and fix it with your permission.

Pickup & Payment

Once your vehicle’s repairs are all finished, you can come back by The Garage and take care of payment. After that, you can drive your freshly repaired vehicle home.

All Brake Repair Services

Brake System Diagnosis & Repair

We’ll take a look at your brake system and check every part of it for wear and tear, replacing the brake pads and rotors if needed.

Brake Fluid Checks & Service

If we find that it’s needed, we’ll flush your brake system’s fluid and put fresh, clean brake fluid back int your master cylinder.

Brake Pad or Shoe Replacement

No matter what type of braking system you have, we can replace the pads or shoes, as well as your rotors and calipers, no problem.

Brake Rotor or Drum Replacement

We recommend that your rotors are replaced anytime your brake pads are replaced, so that you can get the best results and safety from your braking system.

Brake Line Leak Repair

If your vehicle has a leak in the brake line it can be hard to spot since the fluid is clear.  We can safely identify the exact source and get it repaired for you.

Brake Warning Light Check

If your brake warning light is on, it’s a sign that your brake pads are getting worn and are nearing the point of being replaced. Here at The Garage, we can handle that for you.