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Engine & Radiator Repairs

We can handle any engine and radiator diagnosis, maintenance, and repair you can throw at us short of a full rebuild. How can we help you?

From Gaskets & Belts to Engine Swaps & Rebuilds

Have you recently noticed that your engine isn’t acting ‘normal’? Maybe there’s a weird noise coming from within– or maybe the weird noise you were ignoring just turned into a vibration. Even worse… that vibration may have brought you to where you are now… on the side of the road. No matter what phase you’re in, The Garage has you covered.

We service all domestic & import engines

We specialize in radiator repair and maintenance

We’re great at preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs

Is your car running hot or making strange noises? We can help

Are you experiencing early warning signs? Don’t wait

Honest Inspections, Diagnosis & Quotes

Our entire team is made up of passionate automotive enthusiasts, with a focus on high quality, that promise to inspect, diagnose, and quote your vehicle with complete transparency and honesty.

You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your engine or radiator

You can trust us to give you an honest diagnosis

We’ll give you a detailed description of what we find

We’re here to help– not be an unwanted expense

We promise maximum value and guarantee our repairs

Frequent Questions

About Engine & Radiator Repair

I'm hearing a weird noise coming from the engine. What should I do?

A: A bad sound could mean a lot of different things, so we’ll start by asking you a few questions: 

What kind of noise is it? When do you hear it? 

If you’re hearing something like a grinding or rattling sound, there could potentially be an issue with your transmission, not your engine.

On the other hand, if it’s more of a ticking, clicking, or knocking noise, that could be an indication that you have a problem within your engine. 

If the noise happens when you start up your car in the morning, but goes away after a few minutes of driving around town, then it’s could just be normal wear-and-tear—but why risk it? if it persists for more than a few days and doesn’t go away when you’re driving at high speeds or accelerating quickly, then you might want to get it looked at ASAP!

Why does my car keep overheating?

A: Overheating issues can usually be caused by almost any piece of the cooling system failing, clogging, or leaking. This could include parts like your radiator, water pump, gaskets, or hoses. 

What's the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?

A: Both forms of oil can protect your engine when changed regularly, but in a nutshell, synthetic oils offer superior protection & life because they have a higher chemical resistance to breaking down to heat & pressure vs. a conventional petroleum oil.

How do you know if a head gasket has gone bad?

A: The most common symptom of a bad head gasket is leaking coolant into the engine oil or vice versa. Another symptom can be that your car overheats quickly and easily, which can lead to other problems with your car’s engine if left unchecked.

Why is my car not accelerating?

A: If you don’t hear any new noises, but you feel like the engine isn’t sending full power to the wheels, your engine may not be getting enough fuel or air. This could be as simple as a new air filter or airflow sensor, but it could also signal that there are underlying issues in your engine or transmission.

I noticed that my car is beginning to leak oil or coolant. Should I stop driving immediately?

A: While it’s true that overheating and oil leaks can cause serious damage to your engine – not all leaks are equal. There is a big difference between a few drips of oil and a 4-foot-wide puddle of coolant in your driveway. 

We ask that you use your best judgement here – if you’re experiencing the latter, it’s probably not safe to drive for very long. But if you’re still unsure, feel free to shoot us a call or read more on our Leak Diagnosis & Repair page.

How We Work: Engine & Radiator

Contact The Shop

The first step is to give us a call or fill out the form on this webpage to let us know you might need some help. 

Book Your Appointment

Next, we’ll connect with you to choose a time that works perfectly for you to bring your vehicle into our shop here in the Muskegon area.

Inspection & Repair

Once your vehicle is at our shop, you’re in great hands. Our team will do an in-depth inspection, pinpoint the problem, and with your permission– fix it!

Pickup & Payment

Once your vehicle is fully repaired, you can drop by the shop and take care of payment. From there, you can drive your vehicle out of our shop knowing that it’s in better shape than ever.

All Engine & Radiator Repair Services

Leak Diagnosis & Repair

Engine fluids are all the colors of the rainbow these days, so if you spot a leak there’s no way to know what it is. We can help diagnose and repair leaks of any kind.

Radiator & Cooling Systems

If your vehicle is overheating, we can take a look at your radiator, coolant, hoses, fan, and thermostat and repair any issues.

Engine Noise Diagnosis

If you’re hearing a strange noise, we not only have years of experience but also a specialized computer to find the issue.

Transmission Noise Diagnosis

Transmission noises can be scary, but it’s better to let us diagnose your vehicle to catch something while your car is still running. 

Engine Rebuilds

If needed, we can disassemble your entire engine carefully, inspect each and every piece, and then clean it and replace any damaged part.

Engine Replacement

If the damage is bad enough and your engine is beyond rebuilding, we can install a brand-new engine in your vehicle. 

Transmission Rebuilds

This is an intensive process that we don’t handle here at The Garage, but we can refer you to a trustworthy shop that can take care of your needs. 

Transmission Replacement

If the damage is bad enough, we’ll recycle your old transmission, and get you set up with a brand-new transmission in your vehicle. 

Head Gasket Repair

If you’re head gasket is giving you issues, we’ll be sure it’s repaired and sealed properly so nothing leaks into your cylinders.

Intake Repair

We can repair any issues you might be having with your intake manifold so that you’re car gets the air it needs to run smoothly.

Fuel System Repairs

Whether its your fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel pump, or anything else, we can handle any of your fuel system repairs with ease.

Oil Changes

We’ll remove the used, old oil from your vehicle’s engine and replace it with beautifully clean, new oil so that your vehicle runs like a dream. 

Transmission Flush

We’ll replace the grimy, old transmission fluid in your vehicle with clean, new transmission fluid to keep everything working as it should.

Coolant Flush

We’ll remove all of the old coolant– and subsequent chemical buildups– from your engine so your engine can run smoothly and cool.