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Leak & Noise Diagnosis

The sound of a beautifully tuned automobile is music to the ears– but what happens when your car starts making noises that aren’t pleasant? Or what if you start noticing colorful puddles in your garage or driveway? Whether your vehicle is making unsavory noises or you need to see what type of fluid it might be leaking– The Garage has you covered.

From Gaskets & Belts to Engine Swaps & Rebuilds

Are you seeing some strange puddles in your garage? Maybe you’re seeing some pools of colorful liquid in the driveway? Fluids are no longer standardized when it comes to color, so you never know what it could be. Are you looking at water coming from your A/C or a leak in your brake line? Or maybe you’re hearing some sounds that you just know aren’t right. No matter what, we’ll get it fixed for you.

Are you seeing unfamiliar liquids pooling? Don’t hesitate

We know what different import & domestic engine should sound like

We have advanced tools to diagnose the noise of any make an model

If you’re hearing a sound that isn’t right, don’t take any risks

We specialize in leak identification and noise diagnostics

Honesty from Inspection to Diagnosis to Quote

Here at The Garage, everyone on our staff is an automotive enthusiast with a big heart for customers like you, and a knack for high quality. You’ll always get an honest, transparent inspection, quote, and diagnostic. 

We’ll isolate your exact leak for a cost-effective repair

Between our tools and our staff, we’ll tell you exactly what your noise is

Whether it’s a leak or a noise, we’ll give you a clear-cut diagnosis

Some noises are all bark and no bite– we’ll never over-diagnose

Some leaks look worse than they are– we’ll always shoot you straight

Frequent Questions About Leak & Noise Diagnosis

My car is leaking fluid, can you tell me what’s wrong?

A: The first step is figuring out what fluid is leaking and where from. That will tell us a lot. It’s hard to tell what fluid is leaking because there are no consistent colors anymore– fluids can almost literally be any color. It could be anything from your A/C draining water to a more serious leak.

I have a noise coming from my car– what is it?

A: Depending on where you are– inside the car, outside, or even in different parts of the car– noises can sound different and mean different things. The first step is determining what the noise is (scraping/grinding/knocking/ticking/etc.), where it’s coming from, and how often it’s happening. Or you can skip the guessing game – we have special equipment we can attach to the equipment while driving it to test your vehicle.

Can you diagnose a noise over the phone?

A: No (although lord knows we’ve tried…)

How We Work: Leak & Noise Diagnosis

Contact The Shop

The first step to a fully repaired vehicle is to give us a call or reach out via our website and let us know that you’re having some vehicle issues.

Book Your Appointment

Once we hear from you, we’ll reach out and book a vehicle diagnostic appointment that works well with your schedule.

Inspection & Repair

Once our experts can get their hands on your vehicle, they’ll perform a full, in-depth inspection to find out exactly what’s causing your problem. Once we have your blessing, we’ll start the repairs.

Pickup & Payment

Once we’ve fully repaired your vehicle you can drop by The Garage and pick up your vehicle at your convenience. Once payment is made you can drive away in your newly repaired vehicle.

All Leak & Noise Diagnosis Services

Leak Diagnosis & Repair

There is no standardized colorization for specific fluids in vehicles anymore, so it can be tough to tell what fluid you’re dealing with. It can be a scary thing when you start finding strange puddles that have come from your vehicle. Some of the most common leaks are (in no particular order):

  • Cooling system
  • Engine gaskets
  • Drivetrain
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust system

If you’re seeing fluids puddle or pool in your garage or driveway, don’t hesitate– bring your vehicle into The Garage and we’ll do a proper diagnosis to figure out what the issue is.

Noise Diagnosis & Repair

People that drive their vehicles every day become very familiar with the sounds that are normal. So what happens if you start hearing a strange noise from your vehicle suddenly? Some of the most common noise types are:

  • Grinding or screeching
  • Droning
  • Knocking or clicking
  • Rattling
  • Humming

If any of those sound familiar– or if your noise sounds unique, we can help. Here at The Garage, we’re experts at pinpointing your noise issue and repairing it.