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Lights, Wipers, & Accessories

Lights, wipers, and accessories can seem like the most minor and basic elements of any vehicle. But the truth is, without these parts play one of the most important and consistent roles in the road safety of not only you– but others as well. Here at The Garage, we’ve got all of your light, wiper, and accessory needs covered.

From Headlights & Wiper Blades to Fog Lights & Wiper Arms.

You might have noticed a new noise coming from the engine bay. Maybe that noise turned into a vibration, and that vibration turned into you, on the side of the road. Don’t worry – The Garage has you covered.

Do you have a headlight out, and to avoid changing it you drive around with your high beams on? Or maybe when it comes to your wipers, they’re so old that you’re just pushing water around your windshield? Let us help.

Do you have one or more exterior lights out? We’ll change them

We have compatible accessories for all import & domestic vehicles

We specialize in top-quality, affordable accessories

Proper wiper maintenance helps keep you– and others– safe on the road

We know how to change the various lights on all makes and models

Honest Diagnosis, Quotes & Inspections

Everyone here at The Garage is an honest, authentically caring person and will never give you anything less than a fully transparent, fair inspection, diagnosis, and quote for your vehicle. 

We never replace any light, wiper, or accessory prematurely

We’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need

We carry leading brands of accessories, lights, and wipers

We promise fair prices and guarantee our parts

We’re here to help no matter what accessory you need

Frequent Questions About Lights, Wipers, and Accessories

My remote start doesn’t work– why?

A: There are a variety of ‘failsafe’ checks that the vehicle’s computer runs through before it allows the remote start to function. It’s likely not allowing you to start the vehicle automatically due to failing one of these checks for your vehicle’s safety. We can scan your vehicle for any of these codes or missing checks and give you a no-obligation quote on any repairs necessary.

How often should I replace my windshield wipers?

A: Wiper manufacturers recommend that you replace your wipers every 6 months– but candidly, we say you should change them based on their condition. Ask yourself if they’re doing the job. If you want a second set of eyes, come on in, and we’ll help you out.

I just replaced my wiper blades 3 months ago and they’re already streaking - are they bad?

A: Here’s a cool way to get more life out of your wiper blades: clean the ‘edge’ of your wiper blades with isopropyl alcohol & a paper towel. A lot of wiper blades get replaced before their life expectancy, simply because they are dirty and need to have the grime removed from the edge of the blade.

Why is my headlight replacement so expensive?

A: Because of the way that newer vehicles’ body panels are shaped, replacing the headlight on some vehicles actually requires us to remove a handful of body parts– and sometimes wheels– to even get to the bulb to change it. This is more labor intensive for us, so it’s a bit more of an expense. We promise to do the job as quickly and affordably as possible, every time.

My stereo is broken, or my speakers are blown– can you fix that?

A: We can repair or replace parts in your factory audio system, but we don’t do any after-market audio work– we don’t install speakers, subwoofers, amps, etc. 

How We Work: Lights, Wipers, Accessories

Contact The Shop

The first thing we like to do is connect with people via phone or our website to get a sense of exactly what they’re experiencing.

Book Your Appointment

Once we have an idea of how your vehicle is behaving, we’ll want to set aside time just for you to bring it in for a diagnostic, right here in the Muskegon area.

Inspection & Repair

Once we’re able to put our hands on the vehicle, we can get to the bottom of any issue you might be having. And, if you approve, we can repair the issues we find.

Pickup & Payment

Once all approved repairs are complete, the final step of the process is to make payment, and then take delivery of your freshly-repaired vehicle.

All Lights, Wipers, and Accessories

Light Bulb Replacements

Whether you’re looking to replace your: headlights, driving lamps, parking lights, direction-signal lights, blinker lights, stoplights, taillights, hazard lights, backup lights, fog lights, interior lights– or any other light you need for your vehicle– we can help. 

Wiper Blade Replacements

We carry the most trusted, industry-leading wipers with superior build quality. We offer conventional and innovative wiper beam design and have any wiper you might need. 

Car Accessories

We’ve got the very best automotive accessories from the top manufacturers that we trust personally here at the Garage. Let us take care of all of your vehicle accessory needs. 

Anything Else You Need

Are you trying to get your hands on a light, wiper, or accessory that you don’t see listed here, or is maybe harder to find? If so, let’s connect, and we’ll do our very best to help you get your hands on what you’re looking for.