How And Why We Started Our

Full-Service Muskegon Auto Repair Garage

Our primary objective is to provide outstanding, top-quality service for your vehicle. On every repair, large and small, this is our promise of excellence to you. We understand the importance of having a reliable, top-quality garage you can trust, and we’re proud to fill those shoes. 

Automotive passion, mechanical talent,
honest people.

January 2017: A Humble Start

“The Garage” began in the chilliest part of January 2017. Our beginners were humble– we started in a 20×22 garage with a single door. The ceiling was so low that we couldn’t install a hoist, and we only had two electrical outlets, and a single, 40-watt light. No corporate franchises or fancy marketing here– just a few guys putting in the work, doing honest auto repairs for friends and family.

March 2017- May 2020: The Word Gets Out

Word spread about our tiny garage like a blizzard on the Lakeshore. Our reputation for quality repairs and excellent customer service was building a buzz, and we were picking up work rapidly. We were constantly re-tooling and updating the shop to keep up with demand, but it wasn’t long before we were “too deep in the weeds”, and needed a new home to serve the community.

June 2020: Established In Muskegon, MI

Finally, in June 2020– after years of support from our friends, family, and the incredible community of Muskegon– we were able to move our operations to a larger location. This new, three-bay location still needed a lot of TLC and renovations, but that didn’t stop us from setting up shop at 1087 W Laketon Ave. right here in Muskegon!

July2020 - Present: Growing With Our Community

We’ve come a long way from our knee-pads-and-floor-jack beginnings, but we’re not done yet. We are continuously investing in new equipment and ongoing renovations to our shop (as you’ll see when you visit). Our goal is to constantly find new ways to better serve all of our community’s needs. With that said, we also promise that there are some things that will NEVER change about our shop: we’ll always be passionate automotive experts providing honest auto repair services for the community we live in and love.

Automotive Repairs Completed

Years of Combined Experience

Makes and Models Supported

Five Star Customer Reviews

Locally Owned & Proudly Operated in Muskegon

We live and breathe life here on the Lakeshore– from the booming businesses downtown, to the miles of serene wilderness here in the beautiful Muskegon area. We’re an active part of the community, and take pride in being able to offer an auto service experience that folks can trust, in a city that we know and love so well. 

An Auto Repair Warranty You Can ACTUALLY Trust

We treat every repair job like it’s our own vehicle– so you know we trust it. And because of that standard of high quality, the Muskegon community trusts us too! But to be real, we’re also human, and we know that sometimes parts can have issues. That’s why we have you covered with our warranty.

We offer you a warranty you can trust

We fully back and guarantee our repairs

 Part failure after repairs? We’ll replace it at no charge to you

Most parts are covered for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first!