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Oil Changes & Fluid Flushes

Your oil and fluids are the very lifeblood flowing through your vehicle’s veins. It’s critical to keep them clean, clear, and changed out as often as needed. Doing so will save you money & time on repairs, and maximizes the life of your vehicle. Here at The Garage, we’ve got you covered when it comes to industry-standard oil changes and fluid flushes in the Muskegon area.

From Oil & Transmission Fluid To Brake Fluid & Coolant Flushes

Are you seeing some strange puddles in your garage? Maybe you’re seeing some pools of colorful liquid in the driveway? Fluids are no longer standardized when it comes to color, so you never know what it could be– from water coming from your A/C to an oil leak. No matter what, we’ll get it fixed for you.

Are you seeing unfamiliar liquids pooling?

We do oil changes for all import & domestic engines

We understand the fluid guidelines of all makes and models

Proper ongoing maintenance helps to avoid costly repairs

We specialize in fluid flushes and oil changes

Honest Diagnosis, Quotes, & Inspections

Our team is made up of people who love cars– and who love taking care of cars with high quality. They’ll treat your vehicle as though it was their own, giving you a clear quote with the utmost honesty and transparency. 

We’ll never suggest fluid changes you don’t need

You’ll know exactly what we’re doing– and the cost– before we begin

You can trust us to give you an honest diagnosis

We always keep our repairs cost-effective and fair

We’ll check all of your vehicle’s fluids

Frequent Questions About Oil Changes & Fluid Flushes

How frequently should I get my oil changed? Why are there so many different recommendations on this topic?

A: The short answer: not all oils and engines are made equally. Oils can perform differently based on how they’re made, just as engines can consume more or less oil based on their design. When you get your oil changed with us, we strictly use synthetic oils due to their performance and life, and recommend that you go around 5,000 miles between changes, based off of the oil manufacturer’s recommendations, and years of automotive research.

I smell burning oil, does that mean I need an oil change right now?

A: If you smell oil burning from the cabin of your vehicle – it likely means that you have some sort of oil leak or residual oil leftover from service. We would recommend bringing your vehicle in for an inspection before performing an oil change.

My check engine light just came on, does that mean I need an oil change?

A: When your check engine light turns on, it means that the car’s “brain” (computer) is recognizing something is ‘off’ (an electrical fault). This could be a variety of things – but as a rule of thumb, it does not mean that you need an oil change– there’s usually a dedicated light or reminder for regular services like that. We recommend that you take a look in your vehicle’s manual or online to see what your warning lights mean, or bring your car into the shop, and we can scan the computer for any error codes to identify the issue. 

Should I use synthetic oil, or conventional oil?

A: Great question! We only use synthetic oil at The Garage, here’s why: no matter the mileage, make, or model of your vehicle – synthetic oil will not only last longer, but it will also keep your engine in better condition. However, whatever type of oil you use, the most important part of engine maintenance is making sure that changes are done on time, and regularly.

Should I get a transmission flush?

A: You should perform a transmission flush in regular mileage or time-based intervals, as recommended by your owners manual– but it’s not a fix-all. If you’re already feeling some slipping or grinding while shifting, the safe bet is that a transmission flush won’t help– in fact, it may actually make the problem worse. We can perform transmission flushes and replacements, but we do not currently repair internal transmission issues at this time.

How We Work: Oil Changes and Fluid Flushes

Contact The Shop

Step one is to reach out to us– either through our website or by giving The Garage a phone call to let us know what issues you’re experiencing.

Book Your Appointment

Next we’ll reach out and work with you to choose the perfect date and time for you to bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic.

Inspection & Repair

Once we have your vehicle here in The Garage, our team of experts will perform a full inspection to see exactly what the issue is. We’ll find the problem, and fix it with your permission.

Pickup & Payment

Once your vehicle is all fixed up, you can swing by our shop anytime and take care of your payment. After that, you can leave our shop knowing that your vehicle is in tip-top shape.

All Oil Changes & Fluid Flushes Services

Leak Diagnosis & Repair

If you’re seeing any leaking or pooling, we can pinpoint the exact leak and get it repaired– no problem.

Oil Changes

We’ll take the old, cruddy oil from your vehicle, and replace it with beautiful, clean oil so it can run its best.

Brake Fluid Flush

If it’s time to have your braking system flushed, we’ll drain your brakes and refill your master cylinder with fresh, clean brake fluid.

Fuel Injection Flush

If it’s time to clean out the build-up that occurs within your vehicle’s fuel system and fuel injectors, we’ve got you covered.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

When you need the old, contaminated fluid drained from your power steering system and replaced with pristine new fluid, we’re the experts.

Radiator or Coolant System Flush

If you’re needing the old coolant– and the inevitable chemical buildup– flushed from your engine, we can do that no problem.

Transmission Fluid Flush

We’ll never flush a transmission at the wrong time (which can damage it further). But if you need your gunky, old fluid flushed and replaced, we can handle that, no problem. 

Any Vehicle Fluid Service

Do you need any other fluid checked, topped off, or even changed? If you don’t see a fluid on this list, let’s talk. We’ve got you covered from anything as simple as wiper fluid upward.