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Transmission & Axle Repairs

Your car’s transmission is the driving force that keeps your vehicle moving, so if it’s giving you issues, you certainly don’t want to hesitate. When it comes to your vehicle’s gearbox health, we can handle any make, model, or size. We’ve also got you covered when it comes to your axle, transaxle, housing and everything in between.

Transmissions, Axles, Gaskets & Seals

Is your transmission giving off a “burnt” smell? Or maybe you’re hearing some clunking, grinding or humming that isn’t typical? Or maybe when you’re trying to shift, your notive that your clutch is staying engaged or there’s a lag in shifting? If so, The Garage can help.

We service all import & domestic transmissions

We’ve got you covered on fluid changes and flushes

We can handle any external transmission repair

We handle differentials and transfer case

Transmission rebuild? We can refer you to someone we trust

Honest Diagnosis, Quote & Inspections

Know that our team has your back, and we’ll treat your vehicle as though it was our very own. We’ll diagnose, quote, and inspect your vehicle with integrity and transparency. 

You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your transmission

We’re here to assist you- not be a needless expense

You can trust us to give you a transparent diagnosis

We’ll give you a full understanding of what we discover

We promise you fair prices for high quality, guaranteed work

Frequent Questions About Transmission & Axle Repair

Does The Garage repair transmissions?

A: We can replace transmissions, and perform basic service & repairs like transmission flushes, transmission filters, and gasket/seal replacements, but we do not currently offer internal transmission repair or rebuilds. But don’t worry – we know many reputable transmission repair shops in the Lakeshore area, and can make you an honest recommendation.

My car isn't shifting right/shifting roughly/"slipping gears, what do you think is wrong?

A: If your transmission is not shifting properly or is making noise, there is likely an internal fault. We can evaluate your transmission with in-depth testing to determine whether the transmission is repairable or needs to be replaced. We can replace transmissions, or recommend you to a trusted Muskegon auto repair facility that can perform a rebuild. 

My car has a vibration when I accelerate- what do you think that is?

A: If your car is vibrating while you accelerate, a variety of things – transmission, axle, suspension, or tires – but we’d need to take a closer look to pinpoint the issue.

Do you repair differetials and transfer cases?

A: Differentials and transfer cases provide the same basic functions as a transmission – and therefore are built similarly and require similar styles of repairs. Just like transmission issues, we can perform maintenance and basic gasket repairs on gearboxes like axles and transfer cases, but we do not rebuild units with internal gearing or chain failures. 

How We Work: Transmission & Axle Repair

Contact The Shop

Give us a ring, or shoot us an email, and let us know what’s going on with your vehicle, and we’ll look it over.

Book Your Appointment

After we take a look at what you’re experiencing, we’ll choose a time and date that works for you to bring it by The Garage. 

Inspection & Repair

We’ll do a deep dive on your vehicle once we get it into our shop. Our team of experts will find out exactly what’s wrong with your transmission, axle, any anything else.

Pickup & Payment

Once all of your approved repairs are completed, you can swing by the garage and take care of the invoice. After that, you can take your vehicle back on the road again with confidence that it’s fully repaired.

All Transmission & Axle Repair Services

Leak Diagnosis & Repair

Transmission leaks are a frequent issue that occurs over time or through excessive wear and tear. We’ll find the leak, and get it fixed.

Axle Repair & Replacement

If your axles aren’t working properly, your car can’t move properly. If your axles are in need of a repair or full replacement, we can help.

Clutch Repair & Replacement

If you’re clutch is going, it means it’s not engaging and disengaging the transmission properly which can cause all sorts of problems. Let us help.

Transmission Noise Diagnosis

Whether its grinding, whirring, clicking, humming, gurgling– or any other sound, it likely there’s a problem. We’ve heard it all– and we can help.

Differential Diagnosis

Are you burning through oil or having trouble steering? Maybe your experiencing strange wear and tear on your tires? We can diagnose your differential and repair it, no problem.

Transmission Replacement

If the issues that we find are bad enough, it might make the most sense to replace your entire transmission. If so, we can handle it from A-Z. 

Transmission Rebuilds

We don’t personally handle any transmission rebuilds here at The Garage, but if that’s the route you want to go, we can recommend you to another shop we trust. 

Driveline Repair & Maintenance

If your driveline isn’t functioning properly it means that power isn’t being distributed properly from the transmission and engine to your wheels. We can get that fixed for you, no problem.

Driveshaft & U-Joint Repair

Drivesharts and u-joints are pivotal pieces of machinery when it comes to delivering the proper torque and power to your wheels. Having issues? We can help. 

Transmission Flush

When your transmission fluid gets old and dirty, we’ll replace it with pristine, new fluid. (We’ll never flush at the wrong times, though.)