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Steering & Suspension Repairs

Your steering and suspension are the parts of your vehicle that give you all-important control on the road. If you’re experiencing anything less than a smooth ride and stable handling and drivability, your suspension or steering might be at fault. The Garage can give you a smooth ride and control again. 

From Suspension & Steering to Shocks, Struts, & Mounts

You might have noticed a new noise coming from underneath your vehicle. Maybe that noise turned into a vibration, and that vibration turned into you, on the side of the road. Don’t worry – The Garage has you covered.

We specialize in steering & suspension repairs

Avoid costly repairs with maintenance

Is steering difficult– especially at slower speeds? We can help

We service all domestic & import suspension & steering systems

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Let us take a look

Honest Diagnosis, Inspections & Quotes

Our team values honesty and helpfulness and will treat you and your vehicle with excellence and integrity at every step. You can trust The Garage for the very best value and honest diagnostics. 

We promise great prices and high quality, guaranteed repairs

You can trust us to give you a trustworthy diagnosis

You never have to worry about gouging or dishonesty

You’ll know the exact problem– and solution– to your steering or suspension issue

We’ll give you a full update on everything we discover

Frequent Questions About Steering & Suspension Repair

I’m hearing a weird clunk or noise when turning or backing up – what’s going on?

A: If you’re hearing a new noise while backing up or turning, it is likely that a steering or suspension component underneath of your vehicle has come loose or failed. Even if it doesn’t not affect the driving performance, we recommend that you visit us to diagnosis the issue as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

My steering wheel is getting hard to turn, and it’s getting tough to drive…what’s wrong?

A: If turning your wheel starts becoming harder and harder to accomplish, there is more than likely an issue with your power steering or suspension system. With steering & suspension failures, it’s always best to be safe, and have it brought into the shop for a diagnosis.

My car is wandering while driving straight, or feels like it’s all over the road when turning.

A: If vehicle car is changing direction on it’s own – you may have some loose or worn out suspension components– for your safety, it’d be best to have it inspected as soon as possible.

How We Work: Steering & Suspension

Contact The Shop

Give us a ring or shoot us a message online and let us know what sort of issues you might be experiencing.

Book Your Appointment

Once we hear from you we’ll get you slotted into your very own date and time for a proper appointment with us.

Inspection & Repair

Once we can put our hands on the vehicle, we can do a full inspection and discover your exact issues. From there, with your permission, we can get your vehicle repaired.

Pickup & Payment

Once we’ve completed all of your repairs, you simply need to stop by the shop and we’ll collect payment. Then simply drive your newly repaired card wherever you’d like in confidence.

All Steering & Suspension Repair Services

Suspension Inspection

Hearing a noise? We’ll check over every component of your vehicle’s suspension, document, and advise you of the condition (or any failures) of your vehicle’s suspension.

Ball Joint Replacement

If your ball joint is going bad, your tires will have issues maintaining contact with the road (getting worse on uneven surfaces). We can take care of this for you, no problem.

Tie Rod Repair & Replacement

The inner and outer tire rods are a critical part of your vehicle’s suspension and steering system. We can diagnose, repair– and even replace these for you with ease.

Shocks Replacement

Your shock absorbers are a pivotal part of your vehicle’s overall suspension system. If they’re not absorbing and dampening impacts as you drive, we’ve got you covered.

Struts Replacement

If these major structural components of the suspension system are faulty or failing, your vehicle’s ride and handling will suffer. We can get you riding smoothly again. 

Sway Bar Link Repair & Replacement

If the sway bar that’s attached to any of your wheels is having issues, your entire suspension system will feel it. Stop drifting, and give us a call.