Muskegon Auto Repair Services

Wheel & Tire Repair

Tires– and the wheels they’re wrapped around– are some of the most important components of your vehicle. Not only do they carry you wherever you’re going, but their condition is also pivotal to your vehicle’s safety. When it comes to supporting the vehicle load, absorbing road shock, and properly steering the vehicle, The Garage can be sure your tires are in top shape.

From Treads & Sidewalls to Rims & Custom Installs

It can be easy to forget to rotate and properly maintain your tires– but that’s a mistake. When was the last time you had your tires rotated? Or balanced? When was the last time you took a good look at your tire tread, or had a wheel alignment done? Don’t neglect your tires– let The Garage help. 

We carry top, industry-standard in tire brands

We specialize in wheel and tire repair of all kinds

Are your tire’s tread bars flush with the tire tread? If so, don’t wait

We do professional, custom wheel installations

We’ll help you get the most wear out of any tire with our maintenance

Transparent Quotes, Diagnostics, and Inspections

Everyone on our team is made up of true automotive enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do. Here at The Garage, we promise to inspect, diagnose, and quote your vehicle with honesty and transparency every time.

We never replace tires when we don’t have to

If it’s safe, we’ll try to plug your tire before selling you a new one

We work to offer great tires at competitive prices

We don’t suggest any balancing, alignment, or rotation unless it’s truly needed

We strive to give you the best value of any tire and wheel repairs around

Frequent Questions About Wheel & Tire Repair

Does The Garage repair/change wheels and tires?

A: We absolutely do! We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to replace and balance the wheels and tires on your vehicle. Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for you! 

Do you install custom wheels and tires?

A: We can install custom wheels and tires on your vehicle, including any supporting modifications like lift kits. But customer safety is always one of our top priorities. Because of that, we are not able to “stretch” tires onto oversized wheels, install wheel spacers, or install any wheel/tire combination that will noticeably impact the safety of your vehicle. 

Why won’t you replace only two tires on my all-wheel drive vehicle?

A: Here’s the science: if you only replace two tires on an all-wheel-drive vehicle, they’ll actually be slightly different heights (overall diameters). When this happens, all four wheels are not spinning at the same rate while you’re driving, and that ‘unevenness’ can damage the internal gears & components of the all-wheel-drive system. 

Do you plug/repair leaking tires?

A: The first step in tire repair is determining if the tire is leaking from a repairable area. As long as the leak in question is a repairable size, and in a repairable zone, we can definitely put a patch on the inside of the tire to help. However, if there’s a puncture in the sidewall or a large hole in the tread, we can’t repair that tire – even if we did, there’s a strong likelihood that the repair would not hold up. If you’re unsure on whether or not a leak is repairable, give us a call and we’ll help you navigate that process. 

How We Work: Wheel & Tire Repair

Contact The Shop

The first step is to fill out the form on this webpage give us a call or let us know you might need some assistance with your vehicle. 

Book Your Appointment

Next, we’ll connect with you so you can choose a date and time that works perfectly for your schedule. This way you can bring your vehicle into The Garage here in the Muskegon area.

Inspection & Repair

Once your vehicle is in our Garage, you’re in expert hands. Our staff will perform an in-depth inspection so they can pinpoint the problem. Then with your permission– they’ll fix it. 

Pickup & Payment

Once your vehicle’s repairs are completed, all you have to do is drop by the shop and take care of the repair bill. After that, you can drive your vehicle out of our shop knowing that it’s fully repaired.

All Wheel & Tire Repair Services

Tire Change & Replacement

We all know that as you drive, your tires begin to age and wear over time. If you know it’s time for some new tires, we can help you out. 

Tire Balancing

If your tires and wheels have stopped working together in tandem, we can help them get back in sync by balancing the weight of your tires properly for a safe, smooth, ride.

Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle’s suspension is out of alignment it can cause uneven tread wear or pulling– among other things. Let us get your wheels back in alignment.

Tire Rotation

It’s important to routinely rotate your tires using specific patterns so they will wear more evenly– and you can inspect them for damage. We can rotate your tires, no problem. 

Tire Plugs & Repairs

When it’s safe and legal, we can plug certain holes on your tire, sealing them for continued use. If your hole is in a repairable zone (not the sidewall, and no large holes in the tread), we can help.

Custom Wheel & Tire Installation

Here at The Garage, we’ll happily help you with any of your safe, properly sized custom wheel and tire installations.